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Well, today was a complete waste of makeup.
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Tom Attwater is dying, and so may his daughter.


Tom Attwater is dying of a brain tumor, but he isn’t worried about his cancer. Instead, he is trying to save his 5 year-old daughter from her own. Please spread the word, and even if you cannot donate, re-blog for those who can.

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God bless. May god be with you. I will keep you in my thoughts ❤️

Pain shouldn’t be
Measured on a
Scale, We don’t
Assign numbers of
Importance to
People, So neither
Should we do the
Same to their
Thoughts or feelings,
Some pain can’t be
Seen, Some pain
Is too far down deep
In ourselves to even reach.

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No matter how hard you try to get over someone, you will still have some sort of feeling for them, remembering the ways things used to be, and how they are now. And you sometimes hope that the new person in their life was still you, and everything was how it used be, erasing all the bad things that happened. Time is supposed to make things better, but in love it doesn’t. Although we have been apart for a while, and now have different loves in our life, I still can’t help wondering how your life is, and when I catch you glancing at me, I can’t help but wonder if your heart beats a little faster, as mine does when I see you.
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